Five Fabulous Walks

Walking in Crete is an excellent way to see the countryside, but you do need to take sensible precautions. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to walk, and as a minimum we recommend you take the following items with you:

  • Sturdy shoes or walking boots
  • Plenty of water and a piece of fruit
  • Sun hat, sun screen and sunglasses
  • A companion

Our current fabulous five walks are sumarised below. For details just click on the heading :


Walk an ancient path above Kritsa

Across East Crete are many old cobbled tracks known as kalderimi. Used since antiquity to connect villages and pasture areas, they were used primarily to drive sheep and goats from place to place and for traders with pack animals. These days they make great walking trails, although sometimes routes disappear under concrete or tarmac.

If you are on holiday and want an adventurous walk above the village of Kritsa without the need for boots, this may suit you. The walk rises steeply uphill on the often rough cobbled path, part of the traditional route shepherds used to drive sheep and goats to/from Kritsa and the Katharo Plateau each spring and autumn. To make it a circular route you can return via a tarmac road.

Kritsa Gorge the (relatively) easy way

This gorge is only 3k from the bustling village of Kritsa but, at times, it feels remote. This walk goes through the lower part of the gorge and is ideal for those who wish to see the spectacular effect of water on rock without investing the time (and energy) to walk the complete length.

Please note, part of this walk involves decending via the aid of metal rungs and handholds hammered into rock, additions that ease your passage in two places.

Kroustas Minoan Trail

A gem of a walk to enjoy both forest and far reaching views, reached by a very scenic drive. Recent work has made paths around Minoan remains clear and easy to follow.


Need a walk on the Ierapetra side

Need a walk on Katharo


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