Steve’s Nature Quiz #7


Is this insect

a) a stick insect?

b) a grasshopper?

c) a katydid?Acrida turrita 250417 Ferma Bay Hotel (2)

The first clue here is in those back legs; they are huge in comparison with the front and middle legs. This tells us that the insect in  question is a member of the Orthoptera which includes all grasshoppers, crickets and katydids. The legs of a stick insect are more uniform in size. The second clue is in the antennae sticking out of the front of his head; katydids have long, whip-like antennae (often longer than their body) whereas grasshoppers have much shorter and thicker antennae. So, long back legs + short, thick antennae = answer b) a grasshopper.

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