Kritsa Gorge ‘May Day!’

An account of a walk using the guidence notes on this site, with an unintentional example of why a walking companion is recommended!

Kritsa, at the heart of it all

I waited in Kritsa car park at 10.45 a.m. on 1st May to see who would join our free to participate circular walk, to include a descent through Kritsa Gorge. The final roll call was amateur botanist Steve Lenton, (AKA Steve the plant) retired botanist Rosemary Johns, naturalist Steve Daniels (AKA Steve the bug), Lynne McDonald from Eklektos Bookshop Elounda, Cindy Pay, Ann Roxy, Frank and Linda who were in the area on holiday, and my husband, Alan.

I’ve previously shared the route we use to pass through lower Kritsa Gorge, and you’re welcome to print it off. To access it just click on the photo of Alan, below:


This route needs confidence and dexterity to use footholds and hand grabs, and even before reaching this area you will need to scramble over boulders.

Be safe, wear stout shoes, take water, a snack and a companion.

Alan and I have walked…

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