Meet The Team

The beaches of East Crete are fabulous, some very busy and organised, while others are quiet retreats. However, these pages are for those who like to explore further afield.

We are British ex pats who’ve made a home here and have explored extensively.  We’d like to show you some highlights of the area via this site, and if you want a more personal guide we can arrange that too.

SteveFirst up is Steve Lenton, who describes himself as an amateur botanist, but he certainly knows the flora of East Crete! His large quad bike gets him zipping about and into some very remote areas in his quest to catalogue the flowers of this area.

Steve runs two wonderful websites, so if you fancy more insight. just click on the beautiful pink Cretan crocus to appreciate Steve’s botany expertise, while the banner below will whisk you 11,000 metres above sea level to introduce the wonderful environment of Katharo.


photo of me for yvonnes websiteCynthia (Cindy) has lived in Agios Nikolaos for many years.  She has a never- ending passion for exploring mountainous areas.   An avid hiker, all her adult life, she now finds it easier to continue her exploration on the back of a Steve’s quad bike. Cindy hopes that accounts of her adventures around the Lassithi area with Steve will encourage you to explore and enjoy the mountains and countryside of beautiful East Crete.


YP Photo

Yvonne Payne enjoys life in Kritsa, a village in the foothills of the Dikti mountains, midway between Agios Nikolaos on the coast and Katharo. With her first-hand experience of Cretan food, customs, mountain hiking, gorge scrambling and donkey trekking, she brings an enthusiastic view of all the area has to offer. Oh, and of course she’ll mention that she has written a novel based on Kritsa’s most famous daughter, Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa.


For background to the story, click on this book cover and we’ll take you to Yvonne’s website. Alternatively, if you’d like to buy the book you can visit Eklektos Bookshop Elounda, NIKITAKIS, gift shop in the centre of Kritsa, the Kritsotopoula museum in Kritsa. Paperback and ebook versions are also available via Amazon.


111021-steve-bearded-butterfly-gorge-005-smallSteve ‘the bug’ Daniels is an amateur naturalist who has been living in Ferma since 2004. He can be found scrambling up mountains, looking under logs in the lowlands or beneath the waves on the south coast investigating the lives of anything that creeps, crawls, swims, slithers or flies. You can follow his exploits in the popular weekly Crete Nature Blog.

Now we come to the most important member of the team, YOU! Of course we’d love your feedback, questions and comments to build this blog as an interactive resource for those who already love east Crete beyond the usual tourist trail, as well as those first time explorers.

You can use the form below to ask any of us a question. We look forward to hearing from you.



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